About Bobby

Bobby is a bright 6-year-old young man. He enjoys playing with other children and stuffed animals. He also likes computer gadgets that light up and makes sounds when he plays with them. Bobby is active and enjoys playing outdoors. He enjoys talking and playing with others but he also likes to play alone. Bobby is so full of energy that, at times, he can be aggressive when playing with others. Bobby often gets upset when he is told the word “no”. He struggles with boundaries with when playing with others. Bobby can be a picky eater but usually, has a healthy appetite. Bobby also likes to be a helper. Bobby does well in school and attends a program that helps him with his learning. He also receives speech therapy weekly. 


Bobby's Ideal Adoptive Family

Bobby will do well in a two-parent home with a strong male role model. He will do well with other kids that are older or same age. He needs parents that are structured and will maintain a good daily routine. They should be able to be patient and provide him with praise when he does well and consistent re-direction when he breaks rules.

He needs parents that will encourage him and who are supportive of him. Bobby would love to have a family who will encourage him to participate in activates that will improve his self- esteem and social skills.


Email mark@hopefw.org for more information. 

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