Hope Now is a Hope Fort Worth initiative that empowers local churches to find forever families for waiting children in their local community. 

Primary goal: We hope to see many kids on the wait list in our community adopted as a direct result of church advocacy.

Secondary goal: We want to inspire churches and their congregations to get involved with caring for orphaned and vulnerable children.

How Hope Now Works:

The orphan crises can be overwhelming and difficult for people to connect with. They might sympathize and agree that something should be done, but with such large numbers, the problem can seem out of reach.

Hope Now works to give the statistics a name and a face so that people can better connect to the cause. We connect one church with one specific child for them to advocate for.

The process starts with our Hope Now team producing a video of the child we've matched the church with. These videos give us a platform from which we can tell the child's story and show their personality. The church then shows that video to their congregation and asks them to commit to advocating for that child for one year.

Advocating for the child is easy and something that everyone in the church can participate in. It happens in three ways:

First, we ask people to pray. We provide prayer points that are relevant specifically to the child and their needs.

Second, we ask people to share the video on their social media accounts. This exponentially increases the number of people who get to hear that child's story.

Lastly, we ask the church to provide some volunteers to represent the child at Hope Fort Worth Match events. This puts the child directly in front of people who are actively seeking to adopt.

We believe that with this kind of support and advocacy many of these kids will find their forever families and the church can make a great impact on the orphan crises.

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