Malik is a very handsome 10-year-old boy that is finding his way in this world! He is free for adoption and looks forward to having a forever family. Malik enjoys playing basketball and will try just about any sport. Malik struggled with making new friends, but now has made many friends and learned to socialize positively with his peers. He is quick-witted, clever, and loves Math! 

Malik is looking forward to an active family that will provide him with opportunities to learn, socialize and, help him develop his sense of identity and belonging. Malik will do best with a family that provides him with structure and firm boundaries, and that is committed to helping him continue to heal from his traumatic past.

Malik looks forward to having two parents to care for him and will do best with one on one attention. If he is not the only child in the home, he looks forward to having an older brother or sister!


If you are licensed to adopt and would like more information about adopting Drake, or if you are not licensed and would like information on how to become licensed to adopt, contact Chelsea Reidland at

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