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AlexanderMay 1, 2017

Alexander attends Church and youth services, plays basketball, video games, goes fishing, out to eat, goes camping, and watches movies. Alexander loves to draw and is quite the artist. He enjoys listening to music and Chicken Alfredo is his favorite food. Alexander does well in school and is in the 11th grade. Alexander is polite and respectful. He is a charming young man and can have intellectual conversations about his emotions and feelings. He can become easily angered and sometimes acts impulsively when angered. He has bonded with his foster parents and has friends at school. He is enjoying school and has expressed the desire to go to medical school in the future. Alex needs a family that will provide unconditional love and stability for him. He needs a family that will set clear boundaries and expectations, but also allow room for error as he adjusts and be patient with him as he adjusts to a new setting. The family would benefit from being able to relate with Alex by being active and enjoying fishing, hunting, spending time together, and being active in a church with a youth group that is available for Alex to participate in.

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