Be the Person.  Be the one that pushes against the normative standards of the world at large, the one that breaks the rules, the one who is ready to take risks, and be a catalyst for change for children from hard places.


There are children in our community (and around the world) that are hurting. They live tumultuous lives filled with uncertainty and fear.  Almost every adult they know has disappointed them, turned their backs on them, and failed to give them the decency of fulfilling their most basic needs. There are children with unique needs and diagnoses that have been left in the dust as they live their lives as children with challenges. They are lost and hurting and wondering if anyone will open their eyes, have a heart change, see the need, and move on their behalf to be a catalyst for change.

Will you Be the Person? Someone has to be the one that pushes against the normative standards of the world at large, the one that breaks the rules, the one who is ready to take risks, and be a catalyst for change for children from hard places

Saying that you are "the" person is more powerful than "a." It is not generalizing; it is not indefinite. It is specific. You are THE person. So...


Today is the day to be a world-changer. Change the life of one child. Change the life of many. Whatever it takes to BE THE PERSON. To rewrite the future of a child.  A child might be deemed lost, neglected, abused, full of shame, hopeless, abandoned, but you can BE THE PERSON that sends a ripple effect that completely sends a child to a new future, a new story, a Second Story.

To BE THE PERSON, you must put away all pre-conceived perceptions of what it takes to BE THE PERSON or how to change lives. It begins by wiping the slate of your heart & mind clean; by allowing God to do surgery on your heart.  You must allow God to rewrite the story on your heart of what it takes to BE THE PERSON that causes change. I can guarantee you one thing. Right now, as of today, your perception is flawed.

As humans, we create our own perceptions of how to create change. In our minds, the road is often a well-paved road, with a wide expanse to roam; the path is surrounded with beauty. It is much like the yellow brick road that Dorothy and Toto journey down in the "Wizard of Oz."

In reality, the path is narrow. It is hedged in with weeds and thorns; the path is straight up mountainous rocks, and it feels like it takes hours to hike a short distance.

We then wonder, "Did I take the right path?" or "Did I hear God correctly?" or "I did not know it would be this hard."

We become weary in well-doing and consider turning back. We often forget the men and women of faith listed in the Bible and the treacherous journey they took to implement change.

King David was one of those people.  He is a person in the Bible that wore many hats; son, brother, shepherd boy, musician, warrior, and king. When most think of David, the first thought that might come into their head is the shepherd boy that sang and wrote the Psalms.  We might imagine him with long, thick luxurious hair, in a robe, playing a harp, and creating beautiful music.

What we seem to forget is what the book of Psalms actually says about David and how it describes him.  He was not a softy.  He was a man of war.  He was often in despair, his enemies were seeking to kill him, he often cried, and sometimes felt he did not have the strength to live.


In Psalm 42:2-4 NIV, David was depressed:

My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.
    When can I go and meet with God?
3 My tears have been my food
    day and night,
while people say to me all day long,
    “Where is your God?”
4 These things I remember
    as I pour out my soul:
how I used to go to the house of God
    under the protection of the Mighty One[a]
with shouts of joy and praise
    among the festive throng.

Psalm 144:1 NIV, David was a warrior:

1Of David. Praise be to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.


In Psalm 31:1 NIV, David felt abandoned:

 1How long, Lord? Will you forget me forever?
    How long will you hide your face from me?


David’s life was full of hardship and his journey was full of challenges.  He battled fiercely to BE THE PERSON that God had called him to be.

Today, we need to put away the petulant, pretentious, powerless, puny perception of ourselves that do not personify Christ.

We need to rise above and realize that "He trains our hand for battle. He trains our fingers for war "(Psalm 144:1) Then, when we step into the world of orphaned and vulnerable children, our journey will not be down a golden path surrounded with petunias.  One arm will be filled with compassion and love as we hold and love children that come from hard places. The other hand will be a sword ready to battle by taking a stand for what is right. Our journey will be filled with weariness, uncertainty, and often discouragement.  But our journey will also be filled with the strength for the journey that only comes from Christ.

We battle each day, while standing firm in the reality that the ultimate war has already been won by Christ. We need to remind ourselves that Christ values every child, that He loves them even more than we do. As we heed the call to fight for the lives of children, He is there with us, fighting on our behalf as well.

So, today, put away any petulant, pretentious, powerless, puny, perceptions of yourselves that do not personify Christ, and get ready to battle and BE THE PERSON that is a catalyst for change.

To be or not to be. That is the question.  Shakespeare








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