I said Yes!! I said Yes! I am going to help a child today! Let the applause rise and let the angels sing. I said yes! I’m going to do it! I am going to answer the call.

Wait a minute. Did I really say yes?! I heard myself. Did anyone else hear me?! Oh, no! I think they wrote down my name!! What am I going to do now? Is this for real?

I said, “Yes” but I don’t feel the yes.  The call tells me “yes” but still weeks later,  the yes is the only thing that feels real.

Where do I start? Can anyone help me? Does anyone understand?

They said, "I start with the paperwork.”  It seems simple.  Okay, here I go! Paperwork!

p-a-p-e-r-W-O-R-K, Yeah, I emphasized the WORK on purpose.  Sometimes I feel like having a deathly virus might be easier. When will it ever stop?!

                                         After page.  I think I’m done and like an unwelcome surprise, my case worker hands me some more.  It feels like she is laughing on the inside at me, and with her best Darth Sidious grin, she smiles at me and says, ”Yes, Yes, Yeeesss there is more!”

Next there is the training.  I travel miles to attend the training.  I spend hours and days out of my week receiving training.  I find childcare over and over for the training.   The training is good. I know I need it, but I’m exhausted and I haven’t even brought a child home.  I look at myself in the mirror and in my best Dory voice I say, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”  I hope I don’t drown. “Just keep swimming, just keep, swimming.”

The waiting………….

6 months later
                        1 year later
                                           2 years later
                                                                 4 years later

I think that there is a groove in my living room.  Where I have created a hole pacing back and forth in the anticipation, the excitement, the anxiety………Wait for it……………THE WAITING!

“I know that they said there are 153 million orphans all over the world, and I am still waiting!

Seriously people, let’s be for real! Why am I still waiting?!”

Every time I turn around there is another speed bump, another delay, another this, another that. 

Will I ever get from “Yes! To placement?  Will I ever make it?” 

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”


How can we, as church members, family, friends and community leaders, get foster and adoptive families from “Yes” to placement?

Over the next few weeks we will be talking about the subject in our next blog series “Yes to Placement.” Look for it to be shared every Tuesday at 11:30 on our Hope Fort Worth Facebook page.

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