All of us, at some time in our Christian walk, want more faith. Faith is the integral part of our walk with Christ, but it can be a struggle. We know God is not pleased if we lack faith, yet we don't always have it. We don't always understand faith, but daily we know we should be learning how to stand in faith, no matter what the circumstances. The first thing we need to become a follower of Christ is purely to have faith and believe. There are many ways to express our faith and many descriptions in the Bible of how to walk in faith. Even the Word of God  speaks of faith in things that are not presently available to them.


On our journey as Christ-followers, we are called to have faith in His character, His faithfulness, His promises, His law, and faith for our daily bread.  As we travel down the road of faith, we are confronted with bumps in the road that can cause us to trip and scrape our knees.  When this journey is interrupted, we question our faith and His faithfulness.  We wonder: Why did He let me fall?  Did I fall because of my lack of faith?

The Jewish widow from Zarephath possibly had those questions as she was trying to survive the drought. 1Kings 17 tells us that the widow and her son were starving and waiting to die.  When the prophet Elijah asked her to feed and support him; she did.  The scripture does not refer to her thoughts or why she obeyed Elijah, even though she was filled with fear.

From examining the culture and history of the time that she lived, we know several things about the situation and how it relates to our walk of faith:


The widow had been taught since childhood of God and who He is: 

She, like many of you, knew all about God and His character.  He had proven Himself many times, in spite of her present circumstances.  Even though she was close to starving to death, she knew God's character and that if He asked her to do something, He would come through.  No matter the circumstances, you too know God and His character and can be sure of His faithfulness.  You can have confidence that God will come through.


It was Biblical law for Israelites to care for the prophets of God:

The widow from Zarephath knew God's Word and His law.  She believed in it and in His promises. She also knew that following God's law would bring blessing.  As you read the Word and God reveals His plan to you,  you can have FAITH that He follows through on His Word, and that by following Him and trusting His promises, you will be blessed.


Elijah was a well-known prophet of Israel:

In I Kings 18, Ahab referenced Elijah as the "troubler of Israel," demonstrating that  Elijah was well-known throughout Israel. Because of his reputation and testimony, the widow knew that his word could be trusted.  At times, when you are asked to take a step of faith, a word from a pastor, elder, counselor or trusted friend, can give you the faith and confidence to step out.  Wise words of  counsel and the testimonies of others who have taken similar steps of faith can help you know that your step of faith is moving in the right direction. 


She had no physical means to do what God had asked her to do:

According to Jewish culture, a widow could not get a job.  She was just waiting for her son to get old enough to work. In the same way, MANY times when you are asked to take a step of faith, you do not have any physical means to do what God has asked you to do.


Hebrews 11:13

These people all died controlled and sustained by their faith, but not having received the tangible fulfillment of [God’s] promises, only having seen it and were looking from afar by faith, and all the while acknowledging and confessing that they were strangers and temporary residents and exiles upon the earth.


Hebrews 11 speaks of many men and women of great faith.  There are similarities between their faith stories and that of the widow of Zarephath.  They were sustained by their faith and had vision for the future.  They were "looking from afar."  They saw beyond their present situation and looked at the eternal value of their step of faith.  Some of them did not even see the promise in their lifetime, but  were looking to the promise of their heavenly home.  They knew that what they were doing was worth much more than their present situation and their worldly sacrifice. 


Someday, you may be asked to take a huge leap of faith - a step of faith that will completely shake up your world as you know it, when the only thing you can stand on is the faithfulness of God, the laws and promises of the Bible, and wise counsel or testimony of others; a step of faith that seems completely crazy because you have no physical means to support what you have been asked to do.  I pray that, at this time, you will "look from afar."  I pray that you will not look at your present circumstances, but will see the eternal significance of your decision.  I pray that this knowledge of the eternal value of your decision and the promise of your heavenly home will sustain you while you walk out your faith journey.


Are you being asked to take a step of faith and journey into the world of foster and adoption?  Is lack of money or your current circumstances holding you back?  I ask you to look at the story of the widow of Zarephath.  She took a step of faith even though she and her son were about to starve.  The Bible states that after she took the step of faith, that she and her house ate for several days.


I Kings 17:15 

 And she went and did according to the saying of Elijah: and she, and he, and her house, did eat many days.



I am not asking you to not use logic and wisdom before you venture into the world of foster and adoption.  There are many reasons to not move forward, wait for a better time, or for a season in life to pass.  I am just asking you not to use fear, the 'What If', age, or money to be the defining factor for you not to move forward to serve children from hard places.  There are children waiting for a wonderful family like you, to change their lives, and every time, taking a step of faith changes your life for the better.  Children from hard places need love, family, and Christ.  You have that! 


For more details on how to get started, read blog post below: "Adoption: 10 Steps to Getting Started."

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